International Relation

Published 1 year ago

HCOE is linked with many foreign universities and companies.

HCOE has made MOU with different institutions and universities for support of academic programmes. An MOU has been made with Georgia South Western State University in 2011 for student and faculty exchange program, and joint research and training. An MOU is made between TOYO Works Company Ltd., Japan and HCOE for placement of Civil Engineering graduates. HCOE has made another MOU with Tongren Polytechnic College, China for exchange program of teacher and student, joint research and training. The College is planning to established good relations between other universities and institutions of the globe for the mutual benefit of institutions and students. An MOU is made with Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal and Luniva Tech to provide students trainings and seminars and workshops in IT and software development. MOU between Nepal-Norway Alumni Association (NNAA) is made in 2015 for landscape design competition of Friendship Garden held on 2013. Similar MOU has been made with Asian Paints Nepal P (ltd) in 2016. Under the student exchange programme, Mr. Artur Lauritzen, a MSc final year student of Uppsala University, Sweden is currently working in internship. Recently a MOU is made between the college and Kirtipur Municipality, Kathmandu to provide technical supports on urban convertation/engineering services.

   Mr. Artur Lauritzen Intern<br> MSc Energy System Engineering<br> Uppsala UniversitySweden 

Mr. Artur Lauritzen
Intern, MSc Energy System Engineering
Uppsala University, Sweden

"I arrived in Himalaya College of Engineering as a summer intern and Nepal was a whole new experience for me. Being an intern in HCOE I learned a great deal about Nepal and its engineering practice and the welcoming manners of the college staff made me feel at home.

In the college I received the opportunity to teach students with trust and support from my department, which was utterly valuable to me. Consequently, I learned a great deal from teaching and also from the students themselves. Furthermore, I could observe the difference between engineering studies in Nepal and back home in Sweden. This, in turn has broadened my mind and given me perspectives that will be valuable in my future career."



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